An old radio, a new look

I'm trying to reorganize my living/dining room in order to improve this small room which is attached to the kitchenette.

It is also the entry room of the house, the one where I spend most of my time working and listening to music. While "decluttering", I have found an old radio that was given me for free.

When I found it, hidden on a shelf, it was really really dirt. So, first of all, I had to clean it and "degrease" it with lemon juice, steel sponge and elbow grease.
Once cleaned and degreased, I masked the silver areas and spray painted it with red paint. I do admit that a few incidents occurred during drying due to my impatience, so I had to clean and retouch several times.
Then I spray painted the silver areas with dark gray paint and used transparent spray finish to seal it.

The outcome (flaws included) is this:

Not bad, isn't it?


Dream House: The Kitchen

Another rainy day. Fall is already here. Luckily it's my day off and I can spend some time to blog and to "google" a few images in search for inspiration.
Usually I like to search for kitchen images, maybe because in my rental apartment I only have a kitchenette and I would like to live in a place with a large, cozy and organized kitchen. A few ideas?

Colorful kitchens:

What about my real kitchen? How does it look like? Honestly, I always make changes to improve it. When I rented this flat, my kitchen was a hotchpotch of recycled and repurposed stuff. Little by little I replaced and added items to have more storage solutions. Obviously, there is still some work to do although I've not yet figured out what bothers me. This is how my kitchen looks like now:


Here I go again

I started this blog a few years ago and then, after a few months, I decided to quit. One day a recovered the password and deleted all my posts. Blank slate.

I was disappointed with my blogging: no matter how much I tried, the final result was always too different from my idea of blog. The typical frustration resulting from the comparison of one's own blog with all those wonderful sites full of ideas and awesome pictures. I think you know what I mean.

But it doesn' matter, I have decided to try again. I have been carrying out many small and large projects but I didn't take any pictures. Some results are satisfactory, some others are perfectible.

One of my projects was to bring some "beach feeling" into my house. I live in a mountain village and I miss the sea so much! Since I can't afford a beach cottage, I decided to use my fantasy and recreate a holiday spot at home with materials collected here and there.

The project I like the most is my "sea-view": obviously it is not an actual "view" but a collection of pictures and postcards full of shades of blue. Easy-peasy: a piece of driftwood, twine and wooden clothespins.

Although summer was cold and rainy this year, I just had to look up and get lost in those wonderful sea landscapes.

So, since summer will be officially over in a few days, I decided to re-open my blog with something colorful and relaxing.