My ever changing living room

As I was saying in my previous post, I've changed the layout of my living room. Actually, I move things around quite regularly. This is the reason why I have pieces of furniture that are easy to move. I always change the layout in the other rooms, but not that often, because there a lot of shelves to be moved and holes to be filled and more holes to be drilled. Too complicated.

Here is the "summer layout" of the living/dining room:

As you can see, the entry door - from the balcony - is in the living room. The dining table is close to the kitchen island and the couch is close to the window to enjoy summer light.

Since my stove had to be installed between the kitchen and the living room, I had to move the couch closer to it. Moving things aroung, I decided to paint the walls: back to white! Yellow is now only used around the door and the window.


My summer colour palette was "beach inspired", so white, blue and turquoise in various shades. I live on a mountain but I would like to live by the sea, in a white house with view (but never mind).

White walls help me when I add more colours to the palette. I believe that the "blue/white" is a summer palette, whereas in winter I prefer to shift to warmer shades of colours. 

 Obviously, work is always in progress, mainly as concerns home decor. But I can wait for the good inspiration.


Change of season

It's getting colder and it's almost stove time again.

So I decided to move furniture around in my dining/living room so to have my couch closer to the stove.

I should have cleaned before taking the picture but it wasn't planned :)

Currently, I have a side table made of leftover pieces from the Expedit shelf that I turned into a sitting bench. I'm not sure I really really like it but, anyway, it offers enough room to hold the "beach decor" that I'm not willing yet to put away.

I don't have plans to replace it in the near future, although there are so many other (smaller) options that I like more. Inspirations?

Via Apartment Therapy

Via Good House-Keeping

Via Indulgy

Via Crafted Niche


Dream House: inspirations

In a few months I might have to move out once again. My landlord has decided to sell the house and I can't afford to buy it.

Among the several rental houses I lived in, this is the one that I felt as "my home". I love it: it's surrounded by woods, the view from the balcony is stunning, it's quiet and cheap. Furthermore, I organized it little by little, "creating" my own style, with repurposed and handmade pieces.

Speaking of "style", it is not perfect, it's not the kind of house that you will see on a magazine, but it's "mine". I have a few more ideas and projects, but I'll leave them aside.

Someone asked me "what kind of house would you like?". Full of light, quiet, with a wonderful view (I'd like to live by the sea but it would be rather complicated to reach the office from there), not too large but big enough to have my craft room. Ok, I do admit I added the word "for free", but that would be the dream of dreams.

So, I spend my time searching images on the web as a home decor magazine and I start dreaming:

Via Country Living

Via House of Turquoise
Via House and Home

Via Style Files
Via AtticMag
Via Home Designing


Chicche di Do: tea cosies

A few days ago I posted the pictures of my mug sleeves on my Facebook page.

A friend posted a comment saying "Can you make tea cosies? Where I live I can't find them"

How could I not accept this challenge? Actually, that was one of the projects on my "to do" list which, for some reasons, had always been postponed.

I had some nice leftover fabric in my stash (she wanted something white and blue) and I made a couple of tea cosies.

The first one is made of jeans fabric and lined with cotton fabric with blue flowers and a little pocket to hold tea bags.

The other one is double-sided and made of "country" cotton fabric.

My friend liked the second one the most and she will receive it  in a few days!


Chicche di Do: mug sleeves

It's cold and it's raining, so what do I do?

I take my knitting needles and some wool and start working.

1 knit, 1 purl, a few twists here and there. Then sew it, add a few buttons and tada!... mug sleeves!

I'm a big lover of hot chocolate and scented tea, so they are a very cozy accessory to me.

Nice, aren't they? They are on sale in my online shop Chicche di Do.



Autumn is all around. Colours are changing: warm shades of orange, red, gold and bronze catch the eye when you wander in the woods.

This is the season of "coziness" for me.

A list of few little things that mean "cozy" to me.

... a mug of hot orange-and-cinnamon scented tea ...

... a crate full of throw blankets ...

... scented candles ...

... wool ball to knit mug sleeves ...

... and a comfortable chair to curl up in!


Small changes in my kitchen

I realize I don't spend much time on blogging and updating my online shop.

The thing is that I'm always busy making things inside the house or outside and I forget to take pictures or I don't have the time to post. Actually, it's not a big deal, except for the fact that blogging needs words and pictures.

Finally, last weekend, I decided to make changes to my breakfast station. It wasn't really that ugly, but I didn't really like it either. When I built the shelf from a reclaimed pallet, I was so proud of it. But it was not big enough to arrange all the cups and teapots (not so many but they need room). And the wall looked way to cluttered.

I had kept a piece of the "wooden crate" used to pack my pellet stove. I started to disassemble the cage trying not to a) break the boards; b) hurt my fingers. I sanded them and filled the holes and chips with caulk. I prepared a mix of plaster and white wall paint and brushed the boards.

While they were dyring, I cleaned the wall, filled the existing holes and painted.

Then I decided to paint the boards with brown paint (same as the kitchen's countertops). I attached the "fake wrought iron" brackets and fixed the first two shelves.

I still have to mount the central shelf: I'm waiting to receive the last couple of brackets (today, maybe).

Doesn't it look much better now?